Since the beginning of our involvement with Opération Enfant Soleil in 2018, more than $375,000 has been donated to the Foundation. This amount continues to grow, day after day, thanks to our great team, to our business partner Familiprix, and to the generosity of our customers. 😍.

Our mission to raise funds to help sick children reflects both the internal values ​​of our company and those of our clientele, which is mainly made up of women. To achieve this mission, we’ve launched a number of initiatives, including a series of bracelets in honour of Enfants Soleil, our Passeport de rêves program, our gift-wrapping programs, a sample sale open to the public, and promotions during which $1 per transaction was donated to the foundation.

Year after year, it is a matter of great pride for Bizou to support the cause of helping sick children.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our customers who purchase the products sold bearing the image of Opération Enfant Soleil.

Little miracles don't happen on their own ☀!


Ryan Necklace

Help us to accomplish our mission

Get the necklace at $25 designed in honor of Ryan. All benefits will be donated to Opération Enfant Soleil foundation. Make a difference in sick children's lives.

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Angéline Necklace

Every dollar donated is a wonderful gesture

Get the Angeline necklace at $20 in stainless steel in honor of our Opération Enfant Soleil ambassador. Make a real difference in sick children's lives.

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Gift Packaging Program

Who says gifts, says packaging!

Support Opération Enfant Soleil foundation by purchasing lovely gift packaging available in different sizes. Make a difference in sick children's lives.

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