Discover our range of stainless steel jewelry lines for women and girls, sure to meet your every need. Jewelry without compromise: Durable, unchanging, and hypoallergenic, our pieces are always great value!


Everyday jewelry made from stainless steel: the ESSENCE line. Your jewelry box will thank you later! Timeless, refined, reimagined classic designs in trendy, minimalist styles that will surely appeal to your taste.

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Moment :

Stainless steel jewelry designed to tell a story: the MOMENT line. There’s no better way to capture your precious moments or pay tribute to your happy memories than with these meaningful, unique charms. Personalize your necklaces and bracelets with these evocative pieces that will never fail to take you back to those special moments in your life.

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Elegant stainless steel jewelry at the cutting edge of current trends: the AVANTGARDE line. Pieces designed for the fashionista in you. Adorn your hands and your neck with jewelry that will never fail to turn heads.

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Stainless steel jewelry that is as delicate as it is safe: The MINI line. Recommended for children aged 3 to 14, these water-resistant pieces offer a great balance of high quality and low price. All of our Mini pieces are hypoallergenic and can be worn for extended periods of time, day or night.

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